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Windows Whistler – Setup and Install Windows Whistler Beta 1

Windows Whistler. For those who don’t know, Windows Whistler is a Microsoft Operating System. Actually, it was not a complete OS but was a beta version of the Windows XP (Windows NT 5.1). It had many features similar to the Windows XP, just that it was Windows XP in the beta version, and that is the reason why it might have lacked some Features which were later added to the complete Windows XP. Windows Whistler was the first OS release by Microsoft, which was independent of DOS. It brought in new features, new animations, new looks and a faster performance. Although, I am not sure of why anyone would want to use an incomplete OS, still as I received emails with requests to upload an article, here is the Windows Whistler for you.

From here, you can easily Download the Windows Whistler ISO and install it on your pc or virtual box.

Windows Whistler – Introduction:

The main aim to bring out the Whistler and the Windows XP was finally unifying the Windows line into a single pure 32-bit product. And guess what, they even did it with excellence. Having the Windows NT 5.1 Interface, and being the predecessor to the Windows XP, Whistler was one great achievement. Maybe that is what brings you here. On this page you will get to read a lot about the Windows Whistler, apart from that, you will also get to Download Win-Whistler ISO, but first, have a look at the Win Whistler Features.

Whistler Windows Features:-

  1. Automatic Wireless Connection
  2. Automatic Software Installation and Maintenance
  3. Help and Support Centre
  4. Fast Startup
  5. Remote Desktop Access
  6. Internet Firewall

So, you see apart from just the appearance, there were a few more things which the Microsoft brought in. And, the truth is that this is not it, apart from these features there were others too, which I might share later in this post. Also, have a look below at the System Requirements and Techincal Details of Windows Whistler and the Download the files.

Windows Whistler Technical Details, and System Requirements:

So, after having a look at the Whistler Features is the time when you read a bit about the Technical Details of the Package that you are about to Download, and also about the System Requirements to Install Windows Whistler.

Technical Details of Windows Whistler:-

  • Software Name: Windows_Whistler_ISO
  • Type of Setup: Offline/Standalone Full Setup
  • Developer: Microsoft (Lone Author)

System Requirements:-

So, this was about the System Requirements and Technical Details of Whistler Windows Beta 1. Scroll down below to find the links to Download Whistler ISO.

Windows Whistler – Setup and Install Windows Whistler Beta 1:

So, you have now reached the section, where you will find the links to Download Whistler Beta 1. As I mentioned above, windows whistler was one fine creation by the Microsoft. It was a successor to the Windows 2000 and a predecessor to the Windows XP. Actually, it was a prerelease version of Windows XP, with the Codename Windows Whistler. If you want the ISO files, download from here.

Download Windows Whistler:-

So, this was the link where you can easily Download the Win Whistler from. I hope you didn’t have any problems Downloading the ISO Image of Whistler Beta 1. Read below to find out, How to Set it Up.

Setting Up Whistler ISO:-

  1. Once when you have Downloaded the ISO file, burn it into a Bootable CD/DVD
  2. Now, in the Boot Menu on your PC, or your Virtual Machine/Virtual Box
  3. Simply Follow the steps to Setup Win Whistler on your PC/VMWare

I guess the Installation was easy and you didn’t have to worry a lot while carrying it out. Below here you can find some more relevant information relating to the Windows Whistler. Also, watch the Demo video.

Install Windows Whistler Beta 1 on PC, or VM, or VB

Windows Whistler Beta 1 – Overview, Demo Video:

Okay, so, to be honest, there isn’t a lot to share about the Whistler, although we have a few more features, which you might want to take a look at. Read below to know more.

Whistler Windows Beta 1 Additional Features:-

  • A new user interface which comes after simplifying WebViews
  • Enhanced digital media support for movies, pictures, and music
  • Fast user switching options
  • A Firewall software to protect against outside security threats coming from the Internet

Windows Whistler Demo Video:-

So, this was it for now. I hope you found this article useful. Stay in touch with ContNew Computers, for a lot more such content. Read below for the Index of this post.

Index of this Post – Everything about Windows Whistler ISO:

Okay, the thing with the index is to help you make sure that you didn’t miss out on anything important. So, read below and make sure that you didn’t.


  1. Introduction
  2. Features of Win Whistler
  3. Technical Details of Download Package
  4. System Requirements to Install Whistler Beta 1
  5. Download Windows Whistler ISO
  6. How to Setup Whistler ISO
  7. Additional Features of Whistler
  8. Win-Whistler Demo Video

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